Lynchpin’s evolution is one from over 3 decades of experience in oilfield services and development.  Founders legacy tracks back to early 90’s in the development and operation of Ensign’s prototype ADR rigs to late 90’s developing and operating hybrid coil technologies to be used in drilling and fracking to early 2000’s working AC/PLC technology into drilling and coil equipment to late 2000’s through to present designing/operating state of the art coil design and applied AI control systems for Aramco’s underbalanced drilling project, for companies such as Xtreme (SLB), Raptor, and now Lynchpin which has the total sum of lessons learned via this 30+ years of development.

Officers & Executives

Reg Layden, President CEO

Reg has over 30 years of experience in the oilfield services industry, beginning in workover and completions while training in electronic engineering technologies.  As the former founder and CEO of Raptor Rig, and former General Manager of International Operations at Xtreme Drilling he spearheaded expansion into Europe, Africa, Australia and the Middle East, established strategic alliances with oil service companies and developed business in new countries.  Reg has comprehensive expertise in top drive/conventional, coil tubing/hybrid, directional/horizontal drilling over/underbalanced horizontal re-entries & deepening, stimulations, coil fracturing and other completion/workover operations.  Inventor and holder of multiple patents and co-author of a SPE paper on technical success of innovative drilling process. 

William Zurawell, CFO

Bill has over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and is a Certified Management Account (1985).  His diverse background includes operational, tax and marketing accounting, internal and international audit. He has successfully implemented several financial and operational tracking and reporting systems through his career.  He has created strong working relationships with financial institutions and has acquired debt instruments to support operational and capital requirements.  In 2009, Bill shifted his focus to the service side of oil and gas and is a respected Chief Financial Officer responsible for implementing internal controls, financial reporting systems and management reporting procedures. 

Brent Layden, VP Engineering and Maintenance

A professional Engineer with over 25 years experience, Brent is an accomplished executive with a passion for technology focused on creating product roadmaps and solutions.  He is a respected leader in the engineering and maintenance management fields and has held roles in various industries.  Some industries included are power, water, heavy construction, engineering consulting and drilling rig design.  His diverse work experience, coupled with his education has helped him develop a unique perspective on the importance of maintenance considerations in the design.  Brent is an ambitious leader who creates strategic alliances to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. 

Kent Rumbles, VP Operations

With over 30 years experience, 18 years of which are in the oil and gas industry, Kent is a strategist and accessible leader, known for driving growth and profitability.   He has comprehensive experience in the management of coiled tubing underbalanced drilling and coil tubing services. He emphasises employee development and is a strong advocate of job safety in the workplace.  He has extensive global exposure and experience with running projects around the world.  Kent designs robust end-to-end customer support systems and has a solid history of achievement as a motivated leader with strong organizational abilities.  His detailed knowledge of oilfield operations combined with his work with high-tech solutions, makes Kent an inspiring leader in the industry.